The formation of the TEDs arrives in Ethiopia.

To start the day in the best way, enjoythe extraordinary buffetbreakfast in the our courtyard caressed

Ethiopia, especially in the Northern area, is a territory rich in culture, history, architecture and natural beauty.

The formation of the

This strip of land allows you to have experiences involving all the senses and revive them in an explosion of joy and color: it is a land to be smelled in the “coffee ceremony“, which includes the preparation of the beans from roasting to grinding, and ends with tasting accompanied as usual by popcorn.

It is a land to be listened to, because its music represents one of the greatest forms of artistic expression that has spread through the ages among the peoples, to the sound of drums of all sizes, the Negarit, the Kebero, the Atamo…

It is to be seen in the details, among the tattoos on the gums, the crosses worn around the neck and the rings, in the matàbs, black cords worn by Christians to ward off the evil eye.

The formation of the

It is to be savored in its typical dishes, such as the Injera, a long-fermented bread with a strong flavor, like the spices that accompany it.

It is an area where you can walk your steps along the suggestive excursions to the slopes of Erta Ale, a volcanic chain in the A Far triangle.

And in this beautiful, characteristic corner of colour, Tedtrip, a tour operator active in the field of experiential tourism, has launched a collaboration with the Omnicomprehensive State Institute of Addis Ababa. The purpose of the collaboration is to train students of three different classes, through an online course, as TEDs, Travel Emotion Designers, designer of tourist experiences. The course has greatly engaged the students, who have been enthusiastic and interested, and who are giving life to projects from the information they have acquired!

Menna Abebe

LINK to Menna Abebe’s work








The formation of the

Link to the work of Emmanuela Mesfin, Betanya Mesfin and Semhare Kiflom

Link to Afomiya Mesfin’s work

Link to the work of Delina Fasil, Eden Gedion, Luliya Zekariyas, Meklit Ephrem.







Special merit must certainly be ascribed to Professor Nicola Zampa, who managed to guide the students on this wonderful journey, with an Italian flair, thrilling and captivating them!


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