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Ischia is an island known for its rich landscape and has always been a popular destination for those looking for a path dedicated to wellness ..

These benefits that the island offers are sometimes traced back to a known myth, which links its birth to a battle between the Titans and the King of Olympus: Jupiter.

We are at the dawn of time: Tifeo and other gods do not want to submit to the rules of the God Jupiter, and for this reason they give rise to riots so as to attack Mount Olympus and confuse the order of things …

Jupiter, however, does not give command space to other minor gods in his beloved kingdom, and reacts accordingly by lashing out against these.

To pay a high price will be Tifeo himself, who will be catapulted to Earth, or rather into its waters, and with a thud worthy of a divinity he will give rise to the wonderful strip of land: today Ischia ..

Thanks to the Greek God, therefore, the waters of the island will be rich in a regenerating and beneficial force, currently sought after by many ordinary men, to enrich the organism with “divine” properties! “

“Ischia is a paradise where you go back to being young”, and our TEDs keep their word!

In fact, they will lead guests to discover the well-known thermal waters thanks to which the body draws numerous benefits, and rejuvenates!

By bus you will reach Sorgeto, from “Sorgente“, given the presence of thermal water, passing through the town of Panza, where a small path begins which, between the green hills and through the vineyards, leads directly to the sea. At this point, to divide the guests from the wonderful bay there are only three hundred and seven steps, which are undoubtedly worth it because the show there is unique.

Sorgeto is in fact an authentic fjord with natural stone pools where hot thermal water flows directly into the sea, and you can prepare your own mud mask, an excellent cure for rheumatism and the neck, useful for treating normal skin imperfections.

Then, to confirm the volcanic nature of the island, there will be eggs that will be cooked by the participants directly in the marine waters, until they are hard-boiled! A unique experience, eggs cooked in the tears of a giant … yes, because those waters are nothing but the tears of Tifeo, he holds up the island and also makes a great effort and for this he cries; poor giant!

Once you have enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere offered by the bay, you will reach the fantastic central Piazzetta by taxi-boat, a chic destination full of luxury shops, handicrafts, bars and restaurants.

Here, with a look towards the sea and the boats that populate it, you will taste a typical homemade dessert accompanied by “nu’ bellu Cafè “.

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