TEDTRIP and IDIMED celebrate the Mediterranean Diet, an Intangible Heritage of Humanity for 10 years

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The Mediterranean Diet celebrates its birthday on November 16th!

Although it has been a way of life for centuries, it was only 10 years ago that it was recognized by Unesco as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity: better late than never!

The Mediterranean Diet is not only a gastronomic identity, but a concentration of food biodiversity, sustainability, culture and tradition!

TEDTRIP and IDIMED celebrate

And TedTrip, in collaboration with IDIMED (Institute for the promotion and enhancement of the Mediterranean Diet), and in particular with the coordination of Ted, travel emotion designer, Matteo Fici, Giusi Carioto and IDIMED general secretary Francesca Rita Cerami, did not miss the important ten-year anniversary, and indeed has decided to pay homage to this important cultural heritage that the Mediterranean Diet represents, celebrating it, given the times that run, obviously via the web!

TEDTRIP and IDIMED celebrate

It was a real event, organized in a dense lineup that saw various experts in the sector divided into various virtual “tables”, such as the cultural one, that of health and finally that of the community. Aurelio Angelini opened the event, located in the first block of guests, or in the “cultural table”, who explained the relationship between the Mediterranean Diet and the title attributed by Unesco to Intangible Heritage, followed by Dino Trapani, associate professor of urban planning at the University of Palermo, who held a speech called “the places of living”, followed by Franco Andaloro, who dealt with the theme of biodiversity and finally, to conclude the first section of speeches, professor Girolamo Lo Verso, author of the book “Mediterranean inside”.

Secondly, there was the health table, opened by Giuseppe Carruba, with his speech “Health Claims”, followed by Francesco Sottile, who dealt with the theme of sustainability in relation to the lifestyle of the Mediterranean Diet and Salvatore Cacciola, with some interesting words on social well-being donated by the now Unesco heritage, and to conclude it Beppe De Santis, who dealt with the theme of design and the “genius loci”.

At the end of the event the last, but certainly not least “community table”, where professor Francesco Nicoletti had space to contribute with brilliant interventions, who together with De Santis gave life to the first project on the “World Park of Mediterranean life”.., and again Mario Liberto, with an intervention centered on books and identity, followed by Michele Balistreri, central to the Bio in Sicily 2020 event, again Fabio Sciortino, who dealt with the Expocook 2020 event and finally Vito Cudia, who spoke about his project “Sicilian culture and taste: legality and development” 2020.

There was no shortage of “tasty intervals” between the various tables, the first of which was organized by Chef Gianluca Interrante, who during his culinary session talked about the properties of EVO oil, excellence and goodness, but above all health. The second tasty interval by the Neapolitan pizza maker Enzo Coccia, introduced by Antonio Aprea, nowtech Naples, who made the public participate in the creation of the wonderful Pizza with a capital P.

TEDTRIP and IDIMED celebrate

It was a well-deserved tribute to the precious Mediterranean Diet, that has rightly occupied a place among the intangible heritages of humanity for a decade now.

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