AOSTA VALLEY: the peak of Italy, on the border with the sky.

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“You see great things from the valley; just little things from the top. “

            (GK. Chesterton). 

The Aosta Valley is a small region in Northern Italy, bordering Switzerland, France and Piedmont, and dotted with large mountains, divided by immense and wonderful valleys. It is a region colored in green, where you can breathe fresh and clean air, and it is the only one where you can visit “paradise”.

Aosta Valley

How? A walk inside the Gran Paradiso National Park could be a start! Of course you are not in the clouds, but you are certainly getting close to the idea! An immense green park, which gives emotions in every corner, and which offers unique experiences, observing the spectacle of colors given by the flowering in spring and summer, or immersing yourself in unspoiled nature, in the company of professional hikers, in search of the most curious species of animals. The encounters all arouse great emotions, the one with the proud and noble-looking ibex, a species symbol of the National Park, or the very nice one with the Marmot, a funny ball of fur that runs everywhere; on an excursion in autumn, for example, you have the privilege of being able to witness the mating season of alpine chamois, so you can witness the famous “spernacchio”, which announces the arrival of a very tender little chamois for spring!

Between trekking, alpine skiing and cross-country skiing then you can be sure that you will not be bored! It is the perfect place to disconnect from the constant city frenzy, the sounds of nature are the ideal leitmotiv to venture into the rediscovery of your self, and thus become the co-creators of your life...

Aosta Valley

The Aosta Valley is wild nature, but it is also chicWith Courmayer, so loved and always coveted by VIPs and ski and white week enthusiasts, Courmayer is there, nestled near Mont Blanc, and is a real jewel. Colored in white in the winter months, it boasts some of the most famous ski slopes and trails, trekking and, why not, some real fun! Between trips, aperitifs and lunches in the hut, it is a place to be discovered!

Aosta Valley

 Valle d ‘Aosta is all one Wow, in Cervinia you can breathe a unique atmosphere, on the occasion of Carnival the parade is traditional, and it is among the wonderful costumes that the legend of the White Lady comes to life …The legend tells of the kidnapping of a beautiful girl by the hand of the giant Gargantua, who, in love with the beauty, and hid her in the local mountains, but then amazed by the solidarity of the villagers who mobilized to look for her, decided to free her. And so it is, that for the joy of all (and even before the Gargantua), during the traditional parade numerous White Ladies can be admired. 

And if between the green and the white it is difficult to remain dissatisfied, the deep blue of the marvelous glacial lakes that are located here and there between valleys and mountains would certainly intervene to fill this inexplicable void, such as the stupendous Blue Lake, where you can admire nothing less than the imposing Monte Cervino reflected on the surface. But in addition to the wonderful colors, the cheerful atmosphere, the peace and tranquility that the region offers in many places, it is also home to real gems from a cultural and historical point of view that cannot leave you indifferent! Starting from the Fenis Castle, one of the most famous fortified residences, the ancient residence of the noble Challant family, dating back to the 16th century, which gives those who visit it the feeling of living in another era, as if to jump back in time …

To reinvigorate body and soul after the exhausting skiing/walking/hiking/dipping in the past, there will be tables set at mountain huts and in restaurants where you can taste local dishes that will not leave you disappointed!
One of the most famous dishes belonging to the Aosta Valley culinary culture is in fact the convivial dish par excellence: Fondue! Tasty Fontina DOP melted in a characteristic saucepan, to which eggs and milk are added, it should be enjoyed by dipping in it some croutons, a delight! There is also polenta, ‘Seupa alla Vapelenentse’, Valle d’Aosta-style chops and so many other delicacies that you will be spoilt for choice.

To accompany all this goodness, wines produced at 0 km, among the best known are the Petit Rouge, Cournalin, Priè Blanc, one more reason to toast …For fun, to feast your eyes, and why not … even for a toast: Aosta Valley.

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