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Amanda has a round face, brown eyes, red hair and lots of freckles.  So, since she was only two years old, her father has been calling her “the little strawberry of the house“. She has always liked this nickname, and therefore from the first time, she has been curious to taste these renowned strawberries.  So her mother had bought her some strawberries, but Amanda at the first taste had made the face of someone who tastes a lemon,

<< Dad but it’s sour! I am sweet instead! >>. 

And she was very sorry not to love the fruit that “represented” her. 

And her mother had explained to her that in life it can happen not to fall in love at the first taste of a flavor, and that. by growing up, she would learn to appreciate them. But Amanda had certainly not given up: from that moment on, she saw strawberries everywhere, in any form: from the icing on the cakes, to the strawberries on the sweets, she tasted and punctually turned up her nose.

She just couldn’t understand this culinary disappointment!  Over the years she had almost given up, reconnecting that sour taste to the fruit, and automatically rejecting it. But then, she visited Sicily. At thirty, her round face was enriched even more with freckles under the scorching sun of Menfi. After whole days spent by the sea, she had a different dish every evening.  She goes to dinner at a restaurant in Sciacca, and at the end of the meal, the chef approaches the table and asks her and her boyfriend how they enjoyed their meal.

<< It was all perfect, all fresh! Thank you. >>

 << But you can’t leave yet, you absolutely have to try the cup of the house, with Sciacca strawberries. >> 

Amanda laughs with Andrea, familiar with the story, even though the chef doesn’t understand. 

<< Excuse us, we’ll take it! >>

But this time something changes: biting it Amanda smiles, and finds the sweetness of that fruit. Amanda hurries to call her parents:

<< Mom, you were right! >>

 << Ami, you are the strawberry of the house for a reason! You just had to try the best ones. >>

Never give up: always give a second, a third, and until the end yet another chance for yourself.


Chef Interrante, being a great lover of his land, offers, among other experiences, a morning walk that involves the harvest of the famous Sciacca strawberries, and with the opportunity to meet the representatives of a unique presidium in Italy.

In Sicily these delicate strawberries have become a Slow Food presidium. They are called the capricciose because of the difficulty in being grown and harvested, and only for two months a year can they be tasted in all their sweetness. During the visit to the strawberry field, you will be enchanted by the scent of the strawberries and experience how they have to be picked, and of course each guest can enjoy them as nature intended.


In fact, with the fruit of the harvest, we will go to a cooking workshop and prepare a delicious jam that everyone will take as a souvenir with them. We will witness the preparation of a cocktail based on Sciacca strawberries, mint and honey with an intoxicating smell and finally the preparation of a risotto with bright colors and spring flavors. But of course the experience is not limited to observing the making of the dishes, but also to tasting them in the company of a local wine and in a unique atmosphere.

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