To start the day in the best way, enjoythe extraordinary buffetbreakfast in the our courtyard caressed

The olives are now all black and fat, and squeezing them gives off their thick liquor; the poor olive trees are begging to be relieved of so much weight.
They can take no more. And the harvesters search the ground and don’t let a single berry escape their gaze
They sing, they weave ditties. One sings and the others answer.
Like this all day long. Towards sunset the workers gather and leave singing
one more song.”

(Aldo Palazzeschi)



Olive harvesting in Sicily is one of the oldest activities linked to the countryside. Even today it is a shared moment that resists the passage of time and technological innovations in mechanisation. When the right time of year comes – in autumn, usually from October to December – the countryside fills with men and women who spread large sheets under the olive trees, climb ladders and shake the branches to make the fruit fall. The work can take more than a whole day and continues, interrupted by the lunch break, until the sun goes down, when it is difficult to see properly.



TEDs Matteo and Giusi are ready to welcome you to the beautiful countryside of Calatafimi Segesta for a day of tradition together. The experience offered by TEDTRIP includes the chance to take an active part in the olive harvest and then produce the oil which, once bottled, will be sent home for you to enjoy. The service also includes lunch with cheese, local salami and, of course, oil, in the company of the TEDs.

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