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Sara has a boundless passion for books, she loves to identify with the characters and become a vivid part of the intertwined plots, moving away from the outside world, binding to this only thanks to the sound of the waves breaking on the shore.

The book that Sara is preparing to read on a sunny spring day is entitled “A voyage to the inner world”, by Willis George Emerson, a writer who in many of his works has told about Agharta, a fantastic hidden world, located inside of the terrestrial and habitable surface.

Sara decided to read it after one day the English teacher recommended it, explaining that many reported the legend that one of the doors leading to this mysterious dimension would be located in Ischia, on the summit of Mount Epomeo.

And in no time Sara immerses herself in the story, drawing each image described in sequence in her mind, and becoming, with the protagonist, part of the adventure too ..

But this time, <thinks on the way home>, I can really be …

And the next day, with her backpack and her faithful companion, father Antonio, she will go in search of the hidden door at the top of Mount Epomeo.

Antonio on the way, not wanting to see her daughter disappointed with her, tries to explain to her that it is a legend, and that there is not much chance that they will really find it … when <Dad, look there!>

Antonio sees nothing outside of a hollow in the rock, but a world opens up to Sara.

Books tell stories, realities in their own right, which can only be understood and seen by those who, reading them, have the fantasy of making them real.

Books are travels in time, in beauty and often lead the mind where it was not thought it could go.

Mount Epomeo boasts 789 meters high, it overlooks and dominates the wonderful island of Ischia, offering a more unique than rare panorama from its summit.

From its top you can see “the gate of Agartha”, one of the nine gates that lead to the center of the earth …

Thanks to the experience proposed by the TEDs, you have the opportunity to visit it, starting from the locality Bracconiere in a jeep and reaching the “stone of the water“, a hollow in tuff, and then continue on foot along a green path, surrounded by glimpses and wonderful vegetation, which leads to the top of the mountain.

Once you reach the top you will then find yourself admiring the vastness below, with the impression of being able to touch the sky with your finger .., and if particularly lucky, you can also admire the proud flight of the peregrine falcon, a lover of the place for the same reasons that captivate us men: peace and tranquility without equal, and why not? Even boundless beauty!

Following the amazing excursion, guests will be waiting in the valley for a rich and delicious “peasant” snack, with typical dishes of the island’s tradition, including “peasant salad”, and the inevitable local wine.

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