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History is often confused with fantasy, other times reality merges with legend, war is set aside for love and the mind is clouded by madness.

<Sometimes life becomes a show>, Orlando thinks, and his thought goes straight into Angelica’s mind.

Their wooden bodies move at the same time, thanks to the wires and the puppeteer who manipulates them, and their mouths open and emit sounds, that are not theirs.

<It’s true, and sometimes there are those who decide what to say and how to act in your place>, Angelica urges him, with a provocative tone.

<I know I tried to have what I couldn’t, and I was crazy because what you felt was not what I wanted. But my sense has now returned>, Orlando replies mortified.

<What a fool you were, to lose your reason and the right path for a woman, to have repeatedly neglected the well-being of the people you should have defended .. And what a fool was I to have made the same mistake ..> Rinaldo intervenes in his shining armor.

<You know, I do not condemn you for how you acted, after a long time I understood too. I understood that life is nothing more than a whirlwind of different emotions and circumstances, and that often we cannot follow reason, and therefore what our heart says prevails.

This is what I felt with Medoro, when I met him for the first time injured: at that moment, everything I had never known became clear>, says the beautiful Angelica.

There is no doubt that losing reason in favor of love can lead to problems, but that sometimes this process is inevitable it is even more so.

If love does not triumph, reason can always be recovered, even on the Moon.

“Man is like a puppet whose strings hang from the stars.”
(Carlos Saavedra Weise).

Sicily is a land of past dominations, crossed over the centuries by many other people who have left traces of their passage in a thousand different ways: from cuisine to architecture.

TED Sara Cappello, skilled in lovingly describing her land, will do so in this experience thanks to a picturesque puppets show at the historic Cantunera Theater, in the beating heart of the ancient Palermo.

Between songs and tales, the puppets will tell the stories and events of a land as fascinating as it is complex, but always able to leave its visitors enchanted.


The show, which also actively involves its audience, is lively and allows spectators to go back in time and relive with lightness what has brought this land to be what it is.


At the end of the show, typical regional dishes will be tasted accompanied by a glass of local wine for an all-encompassing and tasty immersion in the flavors of Sicilian gastronomy.

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