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<< And one, two, three, one, two, three, and around >>.

Gioia is at the dance class that her future husband’s parents gave them so they can prepare for the big day. She has lived in London for ten years now, but the wedding will take place at her home, as usual: in Sicily.

She misses Sicily so much.

She had to leave because Sicily did not offer so many opportunities, and she emigrated to her beloved England to work. There she heads a team in a major financial agency, and met Luke right at work. And from there a whirlwind of emotions, coexistence, and the proposal. Gioia is happy with him, and imagines every day what their future will be like. It is made from a working point of view, has a nice house and a golden boy by his side. In the evening, however, when she makes the usual video call to her parents, melancholy envelops her. Gioia often travels with her mind to Sicily, and she does so also that day, during the dance class, and closing her eyes she dances with her dad: imagine the wedding day. Not a valzer, not a slow one, but the Sicilian tarantella. Imagine hopping back and forth in her long white dress, her mum’s revisited one. She smells her dad’s cologne, she repeats the steps in her mind and with the clumsiness that distinguishes her, she imagines stepping on his foot. She even sees her grandmother and mother laughing and applauding behind them. With your eyes closed, imagine the Sicilian Moto Ape in the middle of the garden where brioches with tuppo and ice cream are prepared. She sees the lights forming a wonderful web over their heads.  And after all she sees Luke, who looks at her with shining eyes and smiles at her.

Joy does this when she misses home, and she misses home whenever her mind is free. Whenever she has space to understand that what she really wants is to be able to return there, with her new love, to bring new life into her old daily life: the only one she will love forever.



Sicily is a happy land of dance and typical songs..

Thanks to the collaboration of local professionals, Ted Francesco offers workshops related to the world of traditional music, dance and singing.

These are not simple lessons, but stimuli to be curious and have the desire to discover the places and masters who still practice these arts.








The dance workshop includes the execution of typical dances, executed during the season holidays, the peasant rituals,
the weddings.



The experience ends with the hilarious contradanza, the most evident example of the liveliness of the Sicilian dance heritage.

The singing workshop is instead proposed as a journey into polyphony: songs will be performed that marked the rhythm of the life of our grandparents, from everyday life to religious anniversaries, from work to parties … in short, a cheerful but intense journey, which allows us to go back to the origins of traditions and to participate in them.

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