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Sole is 22 years old and a successful food blogger. It all happened to her by chance: she has always loved food in all its forms, but before eating it, she admires it. So, by photographing it, in the era of Instagram stories, she found herself being appreciated by the public thanks to the lovely descriptions and images. So, initially for fun, she made a profession out of it getting a lot of following. This all started in October 2019, and with the first money saved up, she had decided to go on a culinary tour around the world.

Of course, she did not foresee a pandemic. But it was right there, just around the corner. So, her kitchen became a ring in which she fought to always have the winning idea, which involved everyone, even during that hard time. But Sole wanted to do more, and throughout that terrible year, she dreamed of taking a plane every night and landing in Paris to eat a baguette. Then the next day, off to Spain to taste paella. She imagined his followers scrambling to find out where he was going next. But then she woke up, and every day she thought about how unpredictable and sad the situation was that everyone had found themselves living in.

This was in 2020, but by 2021 Sole was back to life. She had been vaccinated, and finally everything seemed to be back to normal: she could fulfil her dream. She had made a list, studying every connection, every flight as best she could. Six months away, six months away from home. After a year in there, she could hardly believe it. But Sole in 2021 did not go to Paris, nor to Spain. First destination? Rome: a plate of amatriciana stands out in profile proud to be the first stop. Second, Tuscany: drinking red wine and eating pappa al pomodoro. And so on, between Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. One place a day, between trains and flights.

She had decided, pondering the choice for months, locked up at home, that she would have plenty of time to visit the world; but she wanted to make that trip, the first trip, the “after” one, in her own land, in her Italy. She decided to spend the last two months of her tour in her own region, Sicily. She decided to go around it in every corner, stopping everywhere for more than one day. She wants to study it, get to know it, eat every single dish that its cuisine has to offer, and mind you, in two months she barely managed to do that: there are so many dishes in Sicily…!

Every meatball with sardines, every arancina, every vegetable, every fruit, for Sole now tastes different. A different smell, the smell of rebirth. She is living her dream.

He enjoys life, the life that had been missing for so long. Sole has his new journey. And it has just begun. In the prospect of a future of travel, happiness, harmony and health. Everyone will live their dream again.



Cooking in Sicily is an art practiced with passion, dedication and love.

It is a hallmark of the region, loved by many for the variety of dishes it offers based on the different territories it hosts, and the raw materials.

Thanks to the collaboration of a number of local chefs, Ted Francesco offers an experience that allows visitors to get to know the Madonie area through taste: the cooking workshops are designed to immerse visitors in the most famous recipes of the local tradition.


You can choose from simple or more elaborate preparations, always respecting the seasonality and the gastronomic tradition of the territory, in a path that goes from the choice of ingredients to the mise en place.


The ingredients are strictly local… the Madonie mountains offer 0 km products such as cheeses including caciocavallo and pecorino, as well as excellent oils, nuts and olives, and numerous varieties of cold meats and salamis ready to baste entire platters of delicacies!

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