“AstroYoga” a weekend to rediscover yourself with Yoga and Astrology

To start the day in the best way, enjoythe extraordinary buffetbreakfast in the our courtyard caressed

In the wonderful setting of the island of Ustica, a weekend to rediscover ourselves with Yoga and Astrology.




From Friday to Sunday 4th there will be meetings based on HATHA YOGA which uses body techniques (ASANA) and energy (PRANAYAMA).

The name HATHA itself contains the two words sun and moon and the importance of this balance of energy.

Chandra NAMASKARA is inspired by the lunar energies, feminine is a fluid sequence with calming and refreshing effects for the body and mind.

YOGA lesson SURYA NAMASKARA salutation to the sun inspired by male solar energy, charges and reactivates the vital energy giving a boost of well-being to the body and awakens the cognitive system.


Lesson 1: 06:00 pm Yoga at the Penthouse Terrace – IsolaBella


Lesson 2: 07:00 am Yoga at the Penthouse Terrace – IsolaBella

Lesson 3: 6:30 pm Yoga Spiazzo Homo Morto

Astrology Laboratory at 10 pm Attic Terrace – IsolaBella


Lesson 4: 7:00 am Yoga Spiazzo Homo Morto


The chart of the natal sky is unique and in fact represents a specific constellation of which the subject is the focal point: nothing better to indicate that astrology contributes precisely to addressing the study of man on his particular terrain and that this object is seen at the center of its own universe.

André Barbault, From psychoanalysis to astrology, 1971

Ustica and the sea of him, Yoga and Astrology, an opportunity to rediscover oneself … So that we can perhaps understand the other better.


Let’s not lose sight of each other!

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