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In ancient times, in an Ischia of the 1500s, you could happen to come across Counts and Countesses, Marquesses and Marquises, and between them two stood out for their beauty: Donna Maria and her sister Giovanna D’Aragona.

Daughter of the Duke of Montalto Ferdinando D ’Aragona, Donna Maria offered her Naples not only her beauty, but also marked culture and intelligence.

She was part of a literary circle, and due to her strong character from the nearby Giulia Gonzaga she had been given the nickname “Draga”.

Research and curiosity animated her, and so among her discoveries, she did not miss the opportunity to appreciate the Cavascura Thermal Baths, on the island of Ischia, after learning about the incredible properties and healing abilities in the gynecological field, known thanks to Alfonso I, who had already loved them to the point of having masonry basins built so as to enjoy the waters.

The thermal spring was even called “plow”, it is believed for its ability to “pull up” people and cure them of rheumatism and sciaticas; in fact, many went there specifically to heal the joints, but also to purify the body ..

One source, a thousand properties .. you certainly cannot blame the Marchesa del Vasto!

The Teds accompany guests on a guided tour that starts from the town of Noia, a small village located in the municipality of Serrara Fontana to reach the “Pizzi Bianchi”.

Here you can admire a spectacle that takes your breath away, in front of a wonderful all-natural work carved into the rock by the wind, reminiscent of the modernist works of Gaudì.

You will then have the opportunity to descend with ropes and find yourself in mid-air, as if you were walking in the clouds!

We will then continue with a visit to the Cavascura Thermal Baths, the oldest on the island, which were also loved by Alfonso I D’Aragona, Donna Maria D’Aragona and Giulia Gonzaga, thanks to the remarkable beneficial properties of the waters.

The tour then continues in a fusion of sky, earth and sea, through paths and paths among the rocks, to then reach the Lido dei Maronti, where a wonderful contrast of colors is created between its very dark sand and crystalline water, where we will immerse ourselves for a regenerating bath.

During the experience, lunch will also be on a “volcanic” theme, in fact the eggs will be cooked in the sand and accompanied by tasty snacks!

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