To start the day in the best way, enjoythe extraordinary buffetbreakfast in the our courtyard caressed


Penelope is from Palermo, and her Sicilian heritage is already evident in her appearance. She has Mediterranean features: olive skin, deep brown eyes and she’s very beautiful.  Penelope lives with her aunt, because her parents are gone. Every morning, around 10:00 a.m., she leaves home and goes shopping at the market near her house, following Aunt Aurora’s instructions (written on the piece of paper she is holding).  Every day she goes to Saro, where she gets fresh vegetables;.. then to Gianna’s bakery, and then according to the day recipes she goes to get fish or meat.

After that, she goes home to cook with her aunt. 

She passes, however, always in front of a bakery, on the way home. Penelope always peeks inside, and is enchanted by the smell of pastries, but she certainly cannot buy them, because they are not on the list. 

So go straight, and continue without stopping. However, she does not know that there is someone who has noticed her. That there is someone who actually noticed the daily moment of hesitation of the girl in front of the bakerySalvatore made it, who spends his days in the kitchen kneading and baking pasta, stuffing the crispy wafers with sweet ricotta, chocolate flakes and candied fruit … and who has a window from which he observes the street, the passers-by, and the light. 

But his favorite moment is one: at 10:20 every day, Salvatore sees the profile of a wonderful girl emerge, who immediately amazed him with her sweet look, with her dark hair. The wisps are too long, and slightly cover her eyes. He sees her walk, and then stop. For ten, very long for Salvatore, but also too short, seconds.  And Penelope doesn’t know it, until he takes courage for the first time at 10:20 on an ordinary Friday and offers her a ricotta pastry. Salvatore knows how much that can mean for Penelope, who every day dreamed of it. Penelope now, instead of hesitating, always comes to Salvatore’s bakery.

For every little gesture, done on tiptoe, just to help someone, or just to make him happy.  To every Penelope that Albert can meet.

Among the experiences, chef Interrante offers an excursion to the Menfi dairy, on the border with Sciacca, to closely observe the milk sheep and the milking process, with live preparation of ricotta and cooking in the laboratory. The Sicilians have been making ricotta for more than two thousand years and even today the process has changed little: the milk is milked and boiled, from there the cheese is made, which is then cooked again to create the ricotta. At the dairy you will be able to witness this ancient ritual that transforms sheep’s milk into ricotta: filling of the most famous Sicilian dessert.


Arrived in the kitchen then, with a load of cheeses and ricotta in tow, we will proceed to a tasting with freshly baked warm bread seasoned with primosale, ricotta and aged pecorino. The experience will proceed by using ricotta to cook a delicious pasta, and then with the mixing process with Maiorca flour (an ancient soft wheat) to create the king of desserts: Cannolo.






Obviously, the experience will be concluded with the consumption of the wonderful prepared dishes, strictly accompanied by a good glass of local wine.

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