Emilia Romagna: between seas and mountains, between green and blue.

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“Emilia Romagna is that region different from the others, a little old, traditionalist, and beautiful.” 

Emilia Romagna

A region in the Northern Italy, Emilia Romagna, thanks to the contrast between the mountains and the sea that runs through it, offers unique and spectacular views. Mountains, hills, vast and overwhelming expanses of green, and even medieval cities rich in history and culture, surprises at every corner in unique and new ways. Bologna is the queen of Emilia, with Piazza Maggiore, the main square surrounded by major monuments and palaces, such as the Palazzo del Podestà, on whose top stands the Arengo tower, whose bell was used to call the people to gather.

It is said that at one of the four corners of the square, at the foot of the Palazzo del Podestà, the sound of one’s own voice can be heard at the opposite corner, but that those passing through the centre cannot hear itThis curious phenomenon was exploited by friars in order to confess lepers while safeguarding their health and today it is still experienced by the most curious. And again the Garisenda and Asinelli Towers, also medieval ones, with military functions; and the Basilica of San Petronio, the largest in the city, from which you can observe a breathtaking view.

Emilia Romagna

And Via D’Azeglio, which usually lights up in the winter thanks to illuminations bearing the lyrics of famous Italian songs, like “L’anno che verrà” by Lucio Dalla, born in the Emilian capital. And then there is Parma, with its imposing Romanesque cathedral and the Baptistery of Parma and the Palazzo della Pilotta; with the breath of air offered by the Ducal Park, an expanse of greenery in the city center. And Modena, the birthplace of the beloved Enzo Ferrari, founder of the Ferrari car manufacturer, to whom a museum in the city is dedicated; but also of the Italian singing excellence Luciano Pavarotti, to whom a museum of the same name has in turn been dedicated.

Emilia Romagna has given birth to two of the brands that have made automotive history: in addition to being the birthplace of Enzo and Dino Ferrari, it is also the birthplace of the famous Ferruccio Lamborghini, creator of the Lamborghini car manufacturer: two names that have ensured that Italy could be known worldwide.

There is Ferrara, that brings with it a great architectural heritage deriving from the Renaissance domination of the Este, once lords of the city: the Estense Castle, full of luxurious rooms; as well as the Palazzo dei Diamanti and the majestic Cathedral. And then there is Imola, which hosts the Enzo and Dino Ferrari racetrack, the famous circuit on which the San Marino Grand Prix is ​​run, one of the stages of the world championship.

And again Rimini, with the Tiberius bridge, and with the curious “Italy in miniature”, a theme park where over 270 reproductions of European monuments are located; but which also offers great beaches loved by families, as well as by the youngest, full of life and joy … between aperitifs by the sea and breathtaking sunsets.

But it is also expanses of green hills, vineyards and lots and lots of foodTortelli, strictly made of fresh hand-rolled pasta and stuffed inside; or the cappelletti, also these first courses originally from Emilia and much loved; as well as lasagna with meat sauce, and fried gnocchi accompanied by cold cuts cannot fail to appeal: ham, also regional, and more precisely from Parma, and aged cheeses … and for the more daring even accompanied by lard!

And as they would say “Bì e ‘ven e lassa andê l’aqua ae’ mulen”, drink wine and let the water go to the mill, drink wine and let the water run to the mill, so that Lambrusco, Albana di Romagna, or some regional variant is never missing from the table to accompany meals!

The Romagna people are a welcoming people, very attached to their traditions, especially culinary ones … they are spontaneous! Hospitality is engaging and cheerful, but at the cost of not denigrating Vasco Rossi and not talking about pasta with canned ragù! 

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