NATURALISTIC FALCONERY, bird-watching in Civita at the foot of Pollino

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Get used to looking at the world from a bird’s eye view, and you will see that everything will seem small and insignificant to you…” (August Strindberg).




The fact that the idea or dream of being a bird, even if only for a short time, has sometimes crossed the minds of many people while observing them from below, is certainly true. Mastery of flight, charm, elegance.

To be able to dominate everything with one’s wings. To be able to be a hawk, self-sufficient, faster than others; smarter.

If the metamorphosis into an animal sounds impossible, it is certainly a step forward to get to know them up close and thus understand how they really see our world.


In the wonderful Pollino reserve, where you can admire a vast and heterogeneous fauna, there are rare specimens of birds of prey that, thanks to an interesting bird-watching initiative, can be observed in detail, with the company of an expert guide in the field, crossing the immense expanses of green that the park hosts.

There is an immense variety of falcons, but some characteristics are common: the small head, the large, dark, inscrutable eyes. The slender, elegant body. Solid, robust legs.

These traits, which unite the various species of the genus, make it possible to describe the bird of prey as an effective predator, superior to any other in terms of speed and precision.

It is possible to observe the Peregrine Falcon circling at very high altitudes; the Kestrel, on the other hand, flying at low altitudes in search of prey on the ground; the Honey Buzzard, always on the lookout for insects in the large grasslands.


But there are more than hawks in the vast reserve: there is Shira, the majestic eagle owl; Nuvola, the curious barn owl; Zeus, the playful buzzard, and many others, all to be discovered through a story linked to biology, and to conclude the journey of discovery of the curious and fascinating animals there is also a bow with his majesty Abel the golden eagle, an encounter so close you can hear his heart beating! We will have the opportunity to recharge our batteries with tasty local products selected for our picnic.


The TED Roberto has created an interactive pathway offering the opportunity to get to know the habitat of the various species better, as well as the birds of prey themselves: fabulous and mysterious animals. Learning to recognize the various species of birds of prey, to call them to oneself and to feed them, represents an unmissable opportunity to immerse oneself in nature, and to make the dream of flying come true, at least in part!

Everything takes place in the headquarters of the nature center in Civita at the foot of the Pollino, overlooking an open terrace with a beautiful view of the Raganello Gorge.

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