To start the day in the best way, enjoythe extraordinary buffetbreakfast in the our courtyard caressed


<<There was a time when broken things were fixed, not thrown away! >> Nonna Gioconda insists.

Her grandson Francesco has in fact been trying for a few minutes to make her desist from trying to fix her now “ancient” pasta machine.

<< Grandma, let’s go buy a new one! >>

<< Not at all, I’ve been using this for forty years and for sure I won’t stop now. >>

He is annoyed, and hops in his chair with the impatience that characterizes the youngest, while she continues to observe the problem from behind her his glasses hovering on the tip of his nose, a little too small for her round face. .

She moves the washer back and forth which sets it in motion, her hands still smeared with flour.

Finally it starts working again.

<<Have you seen? >> and already her contagious smile animates her face, almost mocking her nephew with the act of who inside her has remained a little child.

It is true that grandparents have white hair and they always know one more than us, and their stubbornness that often makes you a little nervous but then always finds the reason ..

<< So remember, before throwing a thing you have to try to fix it a hundred and once, which is always the good one. >>

Francesco looks at her and laughs, because he knows he can’t contradict her.

The Teds offer an experience to rediscover the flavors of the past, in close contact with nature, with smells, sounds and colors that make you go back in time.

A sensory journey enriched by tales and stories of peasant life.

Grandma Gioconda’s skilled hands will show us the secrets of a delicious pasta rolled in the traditional method, cooked and seasoned with a delicious fresh cherry tomato sauce, flavored with fragrant basil leaves.

Afterwards, excellent hand-kneaded bread will be created which will accompany delicious products in oil.

You will feel completely overwhelmed by nature, by the fragrance of freshly baked bread, by the scent of cooked cherry tomatoes …

A day in a unique location overlooking the sea, among the vines and olive trees to savor the typical cuisine of the place, as our grandparents once did … the unique taste of traditions … from the garden to the table.

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